Folio 26v

Plimpton MS 034, f.26v

in tabernaculum domus mee; si ascendero in lectum strati mei. Si dedero somnum oculis meis et palpebris meis dormitationem, et requiem temporibus meis, donec inveniam locum domino, tabernaculum deo Iacob.

Ecce audivimus eam in Effreta; invenimus eam in campis silve. Introibimus in tabernaculum eius; adorabimus in loco ubi steterunt pedes eius. Surge, domine, in requiem tuam, tu et archa sanctificationis tue. Sacerdotes tui induentur iustitiam, et sancti tui exultent. Propter David servum tuum non avertas faciem christi tui.

Iuravit dominus David veritatem, et non frustrabitur eum; de fructu ventris tui ponam super sedem tuam. Si custodierint filii tui testamentum meum, et testimonia mea hec que docebo eos. Et filii eorum usque in seculum sedebunt super sedem tuam. Quoniam elegit Dominus Syon. Elegit eam in habitationem sibi. Hec requies mea in seculum seculi; hic habitabo

into the tabernacle of my house: if I shall go up into the bed wherein I lie. If I shall give sleep to my eyes, or slumber to my eyelids, Or rest to my temples: until I find out a place for the Lord, a tabernacle for the God of Jacob.

Behold we have heard of it in Ephrata: we have found it in the fields of the wood. We will go into his tabernacle: We will adore in the place where his feet stood. Arise, O Lord, into thy resting place: thou and the ark, which thou hast sanctified. Let thy priests be clothed with justice: and let thy saints rejoice. For thy servant David' s sake, turn not away the face of thy anointed.

The Lord hath sworn truth to David, and he will not make it void: of the fruit of thy womb I will set upon thy throne. If thy children will keep thy covenant, and these my testimonies which I shall teach them: Their children also for evermore shall sit upon thy throne. For the Lord hath chosen Sion: he hath chosen it for his dwelling. This is my rest for ever and ever: here will I dwell,