Folio 20v

Plimpton MS 034, f.20v

Post missam sacerdos, sine casula, cum ministris veniant ordinate et sorores cum luminaribus, stent in circuitu feretri ad modum rote. Et sacerdos a capite incipiat absolute orationem hanc.

Non intres in iudicium cum ancilla tua, Domine, quia nullus apud te iustificabitur homo, nisi per te omnium peccatorum ei tribuatur remissio. Non ergo eam quesumus tua iudicialis sentencia premat, quam tibi vera supplicatio fidei christiane commendat, sed gratia tua illi succurrente mereatur evadere iudicium ultionis, que dum viveret insignita est signaculo sancte trinitatis. Per christum, [Dominum nostrum. Amen.]

R. Subvenite sancti dei, occurrite angeli domini, suscipientes animam eius

After the mass, the priest, without the chasuble, along with the ordained ministers and the sisters with candles, should stand around the bier in the manner of a wheel. And let the priest at the head begin this prayer alone.

Enter not into judgment with thy handmaiden, Lord, since no one will be justified before you unless remission of all sins is granted through you. We therefore ask [that] your judicial sentence not oppress her, whom the true supplication of the Christian faith commends to you, but [that] through the aid of you grace, she may be found worthy of evading the judgment of [your] retribution, she who was marked with the sign of the trinity while alive. Through Christ, [our Lord. Amen.]

R. Come help, saints of God, hurry, angels of the Lord, who are taking up her soul