Folio 21v

Plimpton MS 034, f.21v

[O.] Deus cui omnia vivunt et cui non pereunt moriendo corpora nostra, sed mutantur in melius, te supplices deprecamur, ut suscipi iubeas animam famule tue per manus sanctorum angelorum tuorum deducendam in sinu amici tui Abrahe patriarche resuscitandamque in novissimo iudicii magni die: et quitquid vicorium diabolo fallente contraxit, tu pius et misericors abluas indulgendo. Per Christum, dominum nostrum. Amen.

Finita oracione cantrix incipiat responsorio

R. Ne recorderis peccata mea, domine, dum veneris iudicare seculum per ignem.

[Pr.] God in whom all things live, and through whom our bodies do not perish by dying, but are changed into something better, as suppliants we entreat you to order the soul of your handmaiden to be gathered up, through the hands of the blessed angels, let down in the bosom of your friend Abraham the patriarch, and brought back to life on the last day of the great judgment. Through the indulgence of your tender mercy, wash away whatever stain of vice she may, under the sway of the devil, have contracted. Through Christ, our lord. Amen.

At the end of the oration let the cantrix begin the responsory

R. Do not recall my sins, Lord, when you come to judge the world through fire.