Plimpton MS 041

Antiphonal, Plimpton MS 041, 001r Antiphonal, Plimpton MS 041, 001r

Plimpton MS 041, another manuscript housed at Columbia's Rare Book and Manuscript Library, provides a striking contrast with both Western MS 097 and Plimpton MS 034. This fifteenth-century antiphonal includes a large, three-line historiated initial on folio 1r (shown left), portraying the Calling of Andrew. Additionally, the borders have three medallions of St. Justina, St. Benedict and St. Peter, inside of a floral margin with putti and birds (see below). In comparison to the initials in Plimpton MS 034, these faces and animals are spectacularly detailed, colorful and sumptuous. The faces depicted are identifiable as saints, unlike the majority of the images in Plimpton MS 034, and certainly all of the images in Western MS 097.