Processional, Plimpton MS 034, 018r


Processional, Plimpton MS 034, 018r






New York, Columbia University, Rare Book and Manuscript Library




Liturgical Book


Plimpton MS 034, 018r


36 Leaves


Bequeathed by George A. Plimpton to Columbia University in 1936

Original Format


Physical Dimensions

175 x 135 mm

Musical Notation

Square notation on four lines



Origin Location

Urbanist Clares convent in Brussels


"O stupor et gaudium," antiphon for Feast of Francis, with "O decus virgineum" for Clare written below

Decoration Description

Anthropomorphic initial in red, brown and black with figure of St Clare (height corresponding to two lines of text and one musical staff)


Half roan over pasteboards


Iohannes de Havere




“Processional, Plimpton MS 034, 018r,” Chant Manuscripts, accessed September 29, 2022,


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