Hand 2 Demo 2


Hand 2 Demo 2


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“Hand 2 Demo 2,” Chant Manuscripts, accessed February 25, 2018, http://chantmanuscripts.omeka.net/items/show/4443.






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Cantus is a database of the Latin chants found in more than 140 manuscripts and early printed books. This searchable digital archive holds inventories of basically <a href="https://www.assignmentarena.co.uk/">Assignment Writing Service</a> antiphoners and breviaries from medieval Europe; these are the fundamental sources for the music sung in the Latin ceremonial Office.


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Cantus is a catalog of the Latin serenades set up in more than 140 original copies and initially published books. Law Essay Help UK This accessible computerized document holds portfolios of essentially antiphonies and book of psalms from medieval Europe.  



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